Zero Emissions Day and Hover Energy

Hover Energy | September 2022

On Zero Emissions Day, we're called to action to do our part in reducing emissions and working towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. For some, that may mean making changes in their personal lives, like driving less or recycling more. But for businesses and organizations, it's about taking a stand against climate change by investing in the most advanced renewable energy technology.

Renewable energy is critical to achieving zero emissions because it doesn't release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. And while, at times, the upfront cost of investing in renewable energy may be higher than traditional fossil fuels, over time, it will save money and also benefit the environment.

While solar is a valuable contributor to clean energy, companies have learned through experience that solar alone won’t get them all the way to net zero. Those that have covered their rooftops with solar panels may reduce their reliance on the grid by 15-20%, or in some rare cases, 30+%.  Often these include massive, expensive battery storage solutions to make them viable. But for those seeking to generate closer to 80-100% of their power needs onsite, and achieve greater energy security, there is a powerful solution that produces clean energy 24 hours a day.


The Hover Wind-Powered MicrogridTM

By harnessing the power of wind energy in conjunction with solar and aptly-sized battery storage, our technology can provide clean, reliable power to homes and businesses without emitting any greenhouse gases. And because it's modular, scalable, and designed for the built environment, it can be implemented practically anywhere in the world.

Hover's Wind-Powered Microgrid™ can be flexibly configured to provide an individualized solution to meet our customers’ onsite power needs. At the heart of the Hover microgrid is our smart, or more accurately defined, ‘intelligent,’ Integrated Energy Management System (IEMS), which combines the energy generated by both wind (AC) and solar (DC) into one clean, 480V 3-Phase power stream. This ensures you optimize your power generation systems and achieve the highest carbon offset possible for your site. 

On Zero Emissions Day, let's commit to doing our part to reduce emissions and build a better future for everyone. Renewable energy is the key to achieving zero emissions, and Hover's microgrid is leading the way.


About Hover Energy

At Hover, we love finding positive ways to contribute to the health of people and the planet. Our renewable energy systems are designed to connect people directly to the power they consume in ways that are sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. By transitioning to the use of renewables and microgrids, we can reduce dependency on the power grid and fossil fuels in our daily lives. To learn more about how Hover is changing the energy industry, visit our website at

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