Paving the Way for Clean, Onsite Power Solutions

Our goal is to increase energy security by helping companies reduce their electricity costs and carbon footprint. Through intelligent partnerships and innovative wind technology, we empower our clients to be a part of the clean power solution, accelerating the energy transition through climate technology.

Empowering companies to develop resilient infrastructures built on the latest climate technology

We envision a world where people are able to capture the energy needed to power their building from their own rooftop. That's why we designed the Hover Wind-Powered Microgrid™ to meet global onsite power needs. Our climate technology is unlike any other.

Reduced Noise

Low Maintenance

Cost Efficient

Abundant Energy

Captured Locally


Patented Technology

Flexible Setup

Simple Design


Meets Demand

Safe Power

“All industrial systems and designs pale when compared to the efficiency of natural systems of production.”

Paul Hawken, The Ecology of Commerce

The solution to energy security for cities, island communities, and more

We disrupt the status quo by charting a path to renewable energy taking over as the primary source of power. Our goal is to bring each client closer to energy independence.

Make the "impossible" possible with Hover

In the past, using renewable energy as a primary source of power may have seemed too far out of reach for most companies. Now, building owners and tenants can create, use, and store energy directly on their roof generating at least 4X the power (per square foot) of other renewable energy solutions.

Advanced climate technology

With 32 patents filed in the United States and internationally, and 22 granted thus far, Hover has the ability to meet the most complex renewable energy needs for cities and island communities with our advanced climate technology, the Hover Wind-Powered Microgrid™.
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