Connecting people to the 
power they consume

At Hover Energy, we exist to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by bringing it to the forefront of the power conversation and to transform people’s relationship with the energy they consume by making it more visible, secure, and accessible.

Our Journey

We see a future that connects us with the natural power sources that exist all around us and enables us to convert that power into abundant, useful energy that gives us peace of mind and empowers us to live more confidently.

Hover's Wind-Powered Microgrid™ creates a way for businesses and government agencies to generate green energy onsite in the built environment. It’s no longer sufficient to simply purchase clean power from a utility or acquire Renewable Energy Certificates.

Hover’s unique, wind-flexible technology results in laminar air flow, which allows it to operate safely in urban areas and bypass the installation of costly transmission lines. Our advanced aerodynamic design creates efficiencies that are unmatched in the rooftop wind market. Hover's Wind-Powered Microgrid™ can often produce a multiple of the power per square foot than any other rooftop renewable energy solution, including solar.

HE 2.0 Demo

We field-tested our HE 2.0 unit in partnership with Texas Tech University at a Group NIRE site in Lubbock, Texas. The site had an average wind speed of 5.3 meters per second (11.9 miles per hour), which allowed us to validate certain aerodynamic achievements in unit design.

HE 3.0 Demo

We conducted a demonstration of our HE 3.0 unit under various wind conditions in Dallas, Texas to validate improvements to our rotor and diverter designs which were incorporated in the HE 4.0 design.
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