The Power of Renewable Energy Systems

June 2021 | Hover Energy

The Power of Renewable Energy Systems

Hover Energy

Hybrid Energy Systems or Renewable Energy Systems combine multiple different forms of power generation, storage, and consumption technologies into a single system. Rather than focusing on one energy resource, it takes the strengths of solar power, wind power, battery storage, and more to make a super system that is reliable and cost-effective.

Renewable energy systems reduce unpredictability. All energy resources have their pros and cons. Renewables have a history of being unpredictable or inconsistent but switching between sources when one is inactive can reduce the unpredictability and improve the stability of the electricity supplied.

Renewable energy systems provide a continuous power supply. Battery storage used in combination with renewable energy generation makes it possible to provide power continuously to consumers. Clean power sources like wind and solar create the energy and then the battery provides a place to house excess power that has been generated until it is ready to be used. Since there is always a backup supply of power at any given time if there is an outage, the battery kicks in so that there is never a disruption in service.

Renewable energy systems have a low maintenance cost. Traditional generators often use diesel as fuel, which can cause the need for frequent and expensive servicing. With renewable energy systems, no fuel is used since the power comes from green resources like solar and wind, so they do not require maintenance as frequently. Any maintenance that is required, is typically pretty affordable in comparison.

Renewable energy systems are highly efficient. These systems constantly collect energy, invert it for consumption, and store it until it is ready to be used. There is virtually no waste since the systems do not utilize fuel that may be burned, spilled, or leaked out of a traditional generator. These hybrid systems also adjust the energy output based on the device that it is connected to which eliminates surges or unnecessarily high energy output.

At Hover, we are making renewable energy systems a reality by combining wind, solar, and electricity storage to create systems that are reliable and cost-effective. We believe in distributed power that is predictable, continuous, and highly efficient made available to consumers through microgrids. For more information about Hover Energy, visit our website at

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