Energy Enters Strategic Alliance with Alternus Clean Energy

February 1, 2024

Hover Energy is thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with Alternus Clean Energy Inc., a landmark collaboration in the realm of renewable energy. This alliance, announced on January 25, 2024, marks a significant milestone in our commitment to harnessing all renewable resources for a sustainable future.  You can see the initial post from Alternus Clean Energy HERE.

By combining our Wind-Powered Microgrid™ systems with Alternus’ utility-scale solar projects, we are setting a new standard in the clean energy sector. This broadly inclusive approach addresses a critical challenge in renewable energy:  achieving real zero.  Our combined solution promises to deliver consistent, reliable, 24×7 zero-carbon power to our commercial and industrial customers, a transformative step towards energy independence and sustainability.

The uniqueness of this alliance lies in the complementary strengths of both partners. While Hover Energy brings to the table our advanced wind technology and proprietary control systems, Alternus contributes its extensive experience in owning and operating large-scale power projects in a global setting. Together, we are not just combining technologies; we are creating a synergistic solution that enhances the reliability and cost-effectiveness of clean energy generation at scale.

The first project under this alliance is set to begin construction in the third quarter of 2024, marking the start of what promises to continue as a rapid expansion of our microgrid market. Our initial focus on 50 MW of projects is just the beginning. We anticipate this alliance will generate high-margin revenue streams and robust growth over the 15 & 20-year offtake contracts.

At Hover Energy, our CEO Chris Griffin often emphasizes the need for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of clean energy generation. This alliance with Alternus Clean Energy epitomizes our commitment to this goal.  We are confident that our unique wind-driven generating technology, when combined with Alternus’ grid-scale solar prowess, will offer all customers an unparalleled clean energy solution.

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Read the Alternus Clean Energy Inc. press release:


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