Hover Energy Celebrates Commissioning of Omohundro Solar Project in Nashville, TN for Metropolitan Water Services of Nashville

February 23, 2024

[Dallas, TX, Feb. 23, 2024] - Hover Energy, a leading renewable energy solutions provider, is proud to announce the successful activation of the Omohundro Solar Project in Nashville, Tennessee.  The project, originally developed by Hover Energy’s 100%
-owned subsidiary, Shine Development Partners, marks a pivotal milestone in the Nashville County commitment to renewable energy initiatives.

The Omohundro Solar Project was activated on December 28, 2023, and is operated by Hover’s Strategic Alliance partner, Alternus Clean Energy Inc. (https://alternusce.com ), and was constructed and installed by regional partner, Lightwave Solar (https://lightwavesolar.com ).  The completion of this project was commemorated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 16, attended by notable figures including Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell, Metro Water Services Alternus CFO Joseph Duey, and Hover CEO Chris Griffin, underscoring the city's dedication to sustainable energy solutions.

"This is a remarkable moment for all of us, for the City of Nashville, and for all the development partners involved" stated Chris Griffin, CEO of Hover Energy. "We are honored to have played a critical role in developing the Omohundro Solar Project, which not only signifies a significant step towards a cleaner energy future for the Water District, but also reinforces the development model we have created for valuable collaboration in getting projects like this done.  It’s a great win for Metro and the City and we look forward to Phase II.”

With a total capacity of 2.6 MW, the Omohundro Solar Project consists of two segments: Omohundro East (1.5MW) and Omohundro West (1.1MW). These segments, secured under a 30-year energy services agreement with Metro Water Services, will generate clean, renewable energy to power the local water services, aligning perfectly with Metro's dedication to sustainable practices.

The successful activation of the Omohundro Solar Project marks the culmination of Phase 1 of the multi-phase project with Metro Water Services.  Hover Energy has already initiated several other clean energy projects in Tennessee, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to expanding renewable energy initiatives through both distributed generation and behind-the-meter microgrid generation throughout the U.S.

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Read the Alternus Clean Energy Inc. press release: https://alternusce.com/alternus-clean-energy-enters-strategic-alliance-with-hover-energy/


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