5 Ways We Can All Help Contribute to Cleaner Air

June 2021 | Hover Energy

5 Ways We Can All Help Contribute to Cleaner Air

National Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day brings together communities worldwide on June 17th each year to focus on ways we can reduce, and ultimately, eliminate air pollution. This is a serious environmental health risk faced by people worldwide, but together, we can positively impact the planet and improve the air we need to live. Air pollutants can harm ecological resources, including water quality and soil. It can even lead to severe health complications for humans, animals, and plants. So, what can we do to make the air cleaner?

1 – Find ways to reduce emissions from motor vehicles. When possible, consider walking or riding a bicycle to get to local destinations. If walking or cycling is not an option, carpool with friends or co-workers, or take public transit. Another option is to drive a vehicle that is electric, a hybrid, or is energy efficient. Fuel emissions can also be reduced by planning your route ahead of time, avoiding high traffic or construction areas where frequent idling might occur, and turning your vehicle off when not actively driving.

2 – Use environmentally safe products. When painting, cleaning, or gardening, use products that do not contain harsh chemicals, pesticides, or other harmful pollutants. There are many healthy and safe alternatives that do not contribute to air pollution.

3 – Reduce, reuse, and recycle. When we correctly recycle or reduce our consumption of plastics and paper, we also reduce unnecessary mining, drilling, and burning of fossil fuels, which produce air pollution. Recycling is a simple way that we can all help contribute to cleaner air by keeping trash out of landfills.

4 – Conserve energy whenever possible. Whether we are at work, home, or on the go, there are lots of ways to conserve energy. Turning off lights we aren’t using, unplugging appliances, and using hand-powered or battery-operated tools or devices are just a few easy places to start! We can also reduce the heating and air conditioning levels within our homes during peak times.

5 – Mulch or compost leaves and yard waste. This helps eliminate the amount of waste that goes into landfills, but most importantly, mulch and composting save energy and prevent air pollution. Composting prevents organic waste from releasing harmful greenhouse gases. Mulch also helps improve the condition of our soil which can help plants and organisms grow, which benefits the environment as a whole.

At Hover, we love finding positive ways to contribute to the health of people and the planet. Our renewable energy systems are designed to connect people directly to the power they consume in ways that are sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. By transitioning to the use of renewables and microgrids, we can reduce dependency on the power grid and fossil fuels in our daily lives. To learn more about how Hover is changing the energy industry, visit our website at https://hoverenergy.com.

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