Sustainable Energy

With groundbreaking technology and intelligent partnerships, we’re creating ways to localize, personalize, and revolutionize how power is captured and consumed.

Unique Technology

Hover's Wind-Powered Islanded Microgrid creates a way for businesses and government agencies to generate green energy onsite in the built environment. It’s no longer sufficient to simply purchase clean power from a utility or acquire Renewable Energy Certificates. Creating wind power onsite with a low-cost, efficient islanded microgrid gives users control over their clean power usage and availability, without the noise or vibration of a typical wind turbine.

Hover’s unique, wind-flexible technology results in laminar air flow, which allows it to operate safely in urban areas and bypass the installation of costly transmission lines. Our advanced aerodynamic design creates efficiencies that are unmatched in the rooftop wind market. And Hover's Wind-Powered Islanded Microgrid can often produce a multiple of the power per square foot that any other rooftop renewable energy solution, including solar.

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Key Statistics

Renewables were the only category of energy that grew globally at double digits over the past decade, surging +12.2% in 2019 and +13.7% over the last decade. Renewable energy attracted $332 billion of global investment in 2018, and we believe this trend will continue to accelerate, with over 80 of the world's most influential companies now having committed to 100% renewable power (e.g., Apple, Google, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson). Additionally, microgrid market growth is estimated to be 12% from 2019-2025 – driven by increasing demand and continued innovation in technologies like clean storage and micro turbines.

Hover's Wind-Powered Islanded Microgrid has proven test results demonstrating 44% efficiency, which is double the efficiency of any known distributed energy resource. Future Hover models are projected to operate at an even greater efficiency level of over 50%. This is already unheard of in the distributed wind industry, and yet Hover has already achieved it.

Hover's Wind-Powered Islanded Microgrid

We have filed more than 32 U.S. and international patents, 22 of which have been issued or allowed. The array design creates a multiplicative effect, which increases the efficiency of all the units in microgrid.

How it Works

Hover's Wind-Powered Islanded Microgrid can be flexibly configured to provide an individualized solution to meet our customers’ onsite power needs. The HE 4.0 commercial design (shown below) captures efficiencies not yet seen in renewable energy technology.

Hover Applications

Due to its high energy density, Hover's Wind-Powered Islanded Microgrid can provide an optimal solution for the built environment and island communities, which have limited area within to create onsite power.

Island Communities

Island communities often import raw materials to produce power which is high in cost. Hover empowers these communities to having energy dependence and stability.

Built Environment

Hover's Wind-Powered Islanded Microgrid has been engineered specifically to handle new build and retrofit applications in locations with a limited footprint.

Alternative Applications

Companies and organizations are investing in renewable energy for power independence or microgrid communities. Hover is the solution to meet those needs.
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